About Kerry


My academic studies and career have been dedicated to public service and addressing inequality. After attending the Amherst public schools, I received a BA in Government from Cornell University, an MA in Public Administration from NYU Wagner, and a PhD in Urban Policy and Planning from MIT.

Thanks to my training and work experience, I can read and analyze a budget, understand sticky policy problems, and engage with the larger community. Prior to pursuing my PhD, I worked in New York City government as a budget and policy analyst focused on issues of affordable housing, homelessness, and criminal justice. Today, I conduct health services research at Baystate Medical Center.

Moving back home after my oldest was born, I am both delighted and dismayed by what hasn’t changed in Amherst. It continues to be a town of active and vocal citizens and our teachers and school leaders remain committed to excellence in education. Unfortunately, the Fort River and Wildwood buildings are in need of major updates and the district continues to struggle with issues of racial and socio-economic integration. Furthermore, declining enrollment due to demographic changes and funding for charter schools threaten school budgets. To help address some of these issues, I am currently volunteering on the Enrollment Working Group and serving on Town Meeting.

As a School Committee member I would bring my analytical skills, work ethic, and love of Amherst to the job. I would work to ensure that the Amherst Public Schools:

  • Are the schools of choice for Amherst families.
  • Serve all students regardless of ability, racial/ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or economic background.
  • Use public funds responsibly.
  • Continue to improve communication with parents and the larger community.
  • Address the urgent structural needs in the Fort River and Wildwood schools.

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