My name is Kerry Spitzer and I am currently serving as a member of the Amherst School Committee. I am a Wildwood parent and Amherst Regional Public Schools alumna. Growing up in South Amherst, I attended Crocker Farm, the Middle, and High Schools and I knew that I wanted to move back home when I started a family. Today, I live in North Amherst with my husband, two boys, ages five and one, and our big dog.

Amherst public schools gave me the foundation to pursue a lifetime of learning. I want to ensure the same high-quality education for all Amherst children. Serving on the School Committee has given me the opportunity to give back to the schools that gave me so much and I would like to continue that work.

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Mi nombre es Kerry Spitzer y me postulo para el Comité Escolar de Amherst como madre de familia de Wildwood y alumna de las Escuelas Públicas Regionales de Amherst. Crecer en el sur de Amherst, asistí Crocker Farm, Amherst Regional Middle School, y Amherst High School y supe que quería volver a casa cuando empecé una familia. Hoy, vivo en North Amherst con mi esposo, dos niños, de cinco y un años, y nuestro gran perro.

Las escuelas públicas de Amherst me dieron la base para seguir una vida de aprendizaje. Quiero asegurar la misma educación de alta calidad para todos los niños de Amherst. Ser parte del Comité Escolar me dará la oportunidad de devolver a las escuelas que me dieron tanto.

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